Shea Baby Lotion With Calendula 10oz.

Scented with Tangerine & Vanilla


Start Soft, Stay Soft, Baby Soft.
Shea Baby Lotion is specially formulated to contain a special blend of Shea Butter, Calendula, and other natural botanicals with a fresh citrus scent to keep your baby’s skin smelling fresh, and feeling smooth and healthy. A baby’s skin can lose its moisture almost twice as fast as an adult’s skin. Shea Baby Lotion is never greasy and fast absorbing to help quickly sooth a baby’s sensitive skin without leaving any drying irritation.

Shea Baby Lotion’s pump applicator make it easier to help keep your baby’s skin healthy, hydrated, and nourished.

What is not in Shea Baby Lotion is essential to its non-irritating properties

Absolutely, Positively NEVER any:

•Sulfates (SLS)
•Mineral Oil
•1, 4 Dioxane


•Cruelty Free
•Eco- Friendly

Shea Baby Lotion

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