Using Shea butter for eczema is a great option since it is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins A, E, & F along with healthy fatty acids and valuable phytonutrients. This combination can help heal dry, scaly or inflamed skin. It also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which will soothe eczema. Skin will feel smoother to the touch and calmed during flare-ups.

We received this testimonial from a Vitamin Shoppe Customer a few months ago...

I would like to say, that I have eczema for more than 10 years in my hands, and in my early 40's, it has gotten more severe. I have tried and tried so many different creams and still no results. I even tried sleeping with cotton gloves to get moisture back in my skin and it was a special cream recommended by the dermatologist and yes, I did feel my hands better but by mid afternoon, my  hands felt dry and itchy.

I was at the Vitamin Shoppe yesterday and decided to purchase the Out of Africa Raw Shea Butter Unscented 2 oz Tin.

I told myself, should I try it or not?  I was at the end of my rope on trying creams.

I decided to purchase it.  I tried it yesterday and today and I was like WOW!! No irritation and my hands feel much smoother and my skin feels more moisture.

I am very pleased with the product and I truly will recommend it to people who suffer from eczema.

Thank you who invented this product for us eczema suffers.

. Paraben Free . Cruelty Free . Mineral Free
. Eco-Friendly . Gluten Free . Sulfate Free
. Petrolatum Free . Phthalates Free